Workplace Conflict Management

“HR people are pretentious – mere show off”
“Sales guys promise whatever comes to mind”
“Management does nothing, we do the donkey’s jobs”
“These techies never understand business”

Such antagonism grows up and up leading to many conflicts among functions. Different industries have varied problems.

Let’s see a few reasons behind Cross Functional Conflicts.

🔹 Obstruct Common Goal: Various factors like Conflicting Agendas and legacy processes lead to conflicts. 

A strategy & communication strategy in determining the outcome and working backwards works wonder.

🔹 Personal Identity Issues: ‘Everyone needs attention, but a very few create an impact and influence others. 

Inadequacy to self-marketing and personal branding acts as a considerable barrier resulting in voluntary-withdrawal or poor performance. #Virtuesignalling

🔹 Previous Conflict: Previous conflicts between two individuals or two managers leads to significant issues where higher authority involvement and appropriate coaching is critical.

The list is endless

“I want to shift my job Suba immediately, must get out of the toxic environment.” a client’s voice showed much agitation.

After a few calming exercises, the conversation continued.

She has been compromising a lot with the teams for the past few years, reached a saturation point and struggling to move up in the ladder.

Not only her, many use ‘compromise’ as a tool when they face:

🔸Uncontrollable situation
🔸Risk is too high if opposed
🔸Look for a quicker solution
🔸Inability to confront

Here, compromising becomes a weakness.

How can one use ‘compromise’ as a strength?

🔹Pick your battles and channelize your energy

🔹Forecast the impact logically and practically

🔹Ensure your ‘self-esteem’ is not impacted

Like ‘Compromise’ there are various nano-factors lead to conflicting situation among your team members. 

“Suba, I hate too much of documentation,” said a client, who is a techno-manager from one of the leading organization, headquarter in Bangalore.

Hey, hush your mind that was about to ‘judge’ – “yeah, all these techies don’t like documentation.”

He looked at me and said, “My boss, who is a senior manager, wants to create a document for every move in the name of transparent process, 

but you know what? It is highly micromanagement. I am tired of pushing my teams wasting time in documentation.”

Conflicting thought-process among employees. Yes, even a simple mistake from a single manager/leader can cause huge conflicting thoughts among employees.

Leadership…..If the leaders do not become Role Models, the conflicting scenarios are going to go up and up.

Employee dissatisfaction and attrition become a challenge. The staff end up blaming and cheating each other spoiling team bonding.

“The leader is one who, out of the clutter, brings simplicity… Out of discord, harmony… And out of difficult, opportunity.” — Albert Einstein

Our Coaching/Training program helps finding that beautiful ‘sweet spot’ to create a win-win as a tool for conflict resolution

See What our Clients Say

Suba Lakshminarasimhan is an embodiment of modern meeting traditional half-way. Her thought process and approach is deep-rooted in priceless culture but her constructs and outcomes are definitely modern. This unique blend puts Suba in a position to easily balance the external demands and internal constraints of her clients and deliver value when it comes to personal branding. She is adept at showcasing strengths through a unique content architecture, and her ability to connect with people with ease is amazing” – Martin A, Author, Sales Coach & Trainer

“Suba shares her wisdom on personal branding, making a winning formula to the community. Having attended her session, I found it to be extremely valuable, unique, intuitive and long-term oriented.” – Venkat Kumaresan, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Support, Exela Technologies