Suba Lakshminarasimhan is the renowned brand Strategist, CXO Resume Writer, Career coach and a Corporate Trainer. Suba has over 15 years of professional experience comprising corporate and Entrepreneurial journey. The beautiful amalgamation of her passion and expertise, Suba founded SLN Brand Studio, a brand consultancy, based in Bangalore, India. A keen communicator and an avid reader, Suba creates the brand image and helps to identify a ‘brand statement’ by fetching out the hidden ‘unique’ values in people. She took part in ‘Do your Venture’ MOOC from IIM Bangalore in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and validated the idea behind Women Contentment Program. Awards : HerRising’ 2019 Award Winner, Jobsforher for raising as a Woman Entrepreneur Digital Women Award Winner 2019, Shethepeople.tv as a Personal Branding Strategist, in ‘Marketing’ category Proud moments indeed! Research Papers Presented : Paper I – “Building Vision Skill – A Single ‘Upskilling’ attribute that enables numerous Employability and Leadership Skills in the Community of First-Year Engineering Students in India,” IEIREMS, New Horizon College of Engineering, 19-21 Dec 2019 – Validated SVEP Framework Paper-II – “Personal Branding and Self-Marketing Strategies for Women Leaders in Corporate,” MARKCON 2020, Indus Business Academy, 9-11 Jan 2020 – Validated SPBQ Framework Collaboration :    Keynote Speaker, ICT Academy     Mentor, Jobs for Her https://www.jobsforher.com/mentors/profile/suba-lakshminarasimhan/942 Member, L&D Global Forum http://lndglobal.org/suba-lakshminarasimhan/ Suba also collaborates with other training entities like Vydikshala to fulfil training needs. To provide holistic training programs to various trainees, SLN Brand Studio has been working with subject matter experts, Certified Coaches, and Psychologists. Suba worked as an HR & Project management professional in TCS (India), British Telecom (UK), later as an HR volunteer in The Class Consulting Group in the USA. Looking for a Soft Skill/Behavioural Skill Training partner, contact us NOW.

Deepa Suresh, Designated Partner

Deepa Suresh is an experienced HR professional, backed with MBA in HR & Marketing who is well-known for her assertiveness, hard work and resilience. A Marathon runner, Passionate learner, empathetic who brings in a positivity to the work environment. The client centric-approach, attention to detail, and an ability to handle massive events are few assets of Deepa.

Deepa takes care of marketing & branding initiatives, client interactions, user collaborations and relationship management. An alumnus of SASTRA Deemed University, with remarkable Industry & Entrepreneurial experience, Deepa is incessantly working on understanding the pain points related to the career growth of the professionals, both men and women and contribute hugely in customizing the solutions.

Passionate towards elevating the happiness quotient in children, Deepa is building an Empire using ‘Story Telling’ as a tool. A certified storytelling professional, Deepa has been conducting storytelling sessions, workshops and summer camps

Foundation & Journey towards SLN Brand Studio

Suba started her corporate journey with TCS, in HR Shared Services group.As a leader, she developed processes on overseas facilitation projects where keen collaboration with attorneys, legal personnel and HR heads from different geographies (specifically India, APAC, Middle East, South America) was mandatory. Suba then gained knowledge on the resume requirements and job market that differ in various geographies and industries. She designed, developed and maintained 300+ page booklet on work-permit related information to almost all the countries in the globe for a company intranet. When Suba moved to work for British Telecommunications in the UK and later in India as a Project Leader for a PMO team representing TCS, the expedition in document creation & management continued. As globalization took her to USA, she joined the CLASS consulting group as a pro-bono consultant and helped in recruitment, training and HR-related responsibilities. The journey to work along with the culturally diversified teams continued and her expertise multiplied in market research, analysis, marketing and business development. The management recognised Suba’s ability in running training programs independently. A journey started as a ‘CXO Resume Writer and ‘Content Writer’, SLN Brand Studio today stands a leading ‘Personal Branding Strategy’ partner.  

Personal Branding Strategy – Consulting

The expertise in business acumen, industry climate, strategic decision-making ability, building brand firmly based on ‘core values’ and ‘commitment’ place Suba ‘unique’ among the herd. Suba works as a brand strategist to C-suite professionals. She provides personalised and customised attention, right from conceptualisation to planning, implementing, controlling, monitoring the brand strategies and strives towards achieving success.

Personal Branding – Trainer/Coach/Mentor
During the process of resume writing, Suba identified the need for helping candidates further in landing in the right job. Amidst having a neatly done resume, the professionals, even at senior level, struggled to clear the interview and get placed on time. The keen interaction with such professionals aided in identifying various gaps such as low self-esteem, unable to negotiate or answer during interviews. The soft skill, behavioural skill-related factors acted as a barrier in their career growth. After identifying such gaps, Suba designed numerous customized training programs to help build personal and professional branding that leads to career growth. As a firm believer in continuous learning, Suba has been progressively attending management courses, training sessions and strategic meetings to enhance her knowledge and competencies. Suba also gained in-depth knowledge on how to write, edit and manage process documents, white papers, case studies, web content for intranet and business write-ups. Want to learn more about SLN Brand Studio? Have Specific questions? Write to Suba now.