Sln brand studio

The Personal and Professional Branding play a powerful role in transforming a mere status of an ‘Employee’ or a ’Business’ to a brand which is ‘exceptional, valuable and trustworthy’.

Tom Peters, the renowned management guru, popularized a term ‘the Brand You’ in 1999, through his book ‘The Brand You 50 (Reinventing Work): Fifty Ways to Transform Yourself from an ‘Employee’ into a Brand That Shouts Distinction, Commitment, and Passion.’

SLN Brand Studio creates such brand power through various services to the individuals, professionals, start-ups, SMEs and global companies.


Build Authentic Leadership Capabilities and Support Career Growth for Corporate Employees, Women with a Career Break, and Engineering & Management students by enhancing their Personal Branding Quotient


  • Design, Develop and Execute value-based personal branding strategies by developing CoE that create an exceptional experience, strengthen relationships and build competitive advantage
  • Support building self – marketing strategies that help transform the thought processes, clarity on career goals and bring out leadership qualities
  • Continue to help women professionals with a career break to unlock their potential, re-identify their identity and raise up above the benchmark

Signature Programs:

  • SPBQ – SLN’s Personal Branding Quotient Program to enhance the personal branding quotient for working professionals and entrepreneurs by executing a sustainable career/business growth framework – Interlink with SPBQ page
  • SWCP – SLN’s Women Contentment Program to advocate contentment for women through mentoring and coaching – Interlink with SWCP page
  • SVEP – SLN’s Vision Execution Program aiming at elevating the career growth journey of Engineering & Management students by supporting from the 1st year. – Interlink with SVEP page

Ø     Values:

  • Supreme Quality & Cost-Effective Programs – Designed after Research & Paper Submission in international conferences. Program models & framework validated by Expert Chair
  • Pragmatic Solutions to adapt to the changing business climate and consciously embracing technology
  • Commitment & Accountability to travel with clients at every step thus making them self-reliant
  • Integrity & Value-Based Culture
  • Communication & Transparency
      Our Customers Our B2C customers are placed in the below  organizations.