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SPBQ – SLN Personal Branding Quotient Program

What is this program about?


SLN’s Personal Branding Quotient Program, an integrated and intensive Framework, to enhance the personal branding quotient for working professionals and entrepreneurs by executing a sustainable career/business growth framework. The coaches/mentees and trainees achieve success in their career by developing and implementing practical self-marketing techniques.


Who should attend?


  • C-Suite Executives/Leaders/Think tanks
  • Aspiring C-Suite Professionals
  • Managers
  • Mid-level managers aspiring to senior levels
  • Fresher Employees with Leadership Aspiration


How does this work?


  • Individual Coaching Session – In-Person as well as Online
  • Group Session – Class Room Model or Webinars
  • Corporate – Class Room Model or Video Conference or both


What are the benefits?


  • Get clarity on the next step to be taken in the career
  • Crystalized and Customised Career Growth Strategy –designing, developing and executing the framework
  • Hand-holding on each step in the journey
  • Build a more significant network with Industry Leaders, Peer groups
  • Clarity on upskilling/cross-skilling
  • Become an Expert in self-marketing that helps in conscious personal & professional growth
  • Authentic Leadership leading to sustainable growth


A research paper on SPBQ Framework connecting with women leaders in Corporate presented by Suba received accolades.

Topic : Personal Branding and Self Marketing strategies for Women Leaders in Corporate ” - Presented a research paper on this topic at the International Marketing Conference, MARKCON2020 , Indus Business Academy.


Look at the Video here:



In Media

BPI Campus has quoted from our Founder’s Project Management blog on their Morning Feature – Saying and Doing, Part III: Narrowing the Gap (Non-Cynical Saturday)

“Project Management blogger Suba Lakshminarasimhan agrees:
Expect the unexpected, is the mantra that the project manager should always keep in mind. There are instances where an emergency in a team member’s personal life, a few technical problems, or some organizational issues come up unexpectedly, more”

Ref : narrowing-the-gap-non-cynical-saturday/

Our Vision

SLN Brand StudioTo cultivate the best in class brand strategy by developing CoE (Center of Excellence) to achieve personal and professional brand equity and in turn a career and business growth

Our Mission

SLN Brand StudioBrand creation through consulting, training and content based solutions to achieve competitive advantage, individual growth and business success

Core Values

SLN Brand Studio

  • Strategic Communication
  • Commitment
  • Adaptability
  • Results Driven
  • Integrity
  • Timeliness
  • Quality


“Quality Content, Commitment and Cost effective. Suba has been adding value to our brand through her writing. Business acumen deserves appreciation. She has never compromised on quality delivery of content nor missed a deadline. Definitely cost effective. We highly recommend SLN Brand Studio, if anyone has content needs to build brand value to their business.”

Mr. Manoj Agarwal

Managing Director, Agarwal Estates, Bangalore

"Suba spruced up my resume to a professionally polished version. This is probably one of my best investments in my hunt for a job. She knew how to highlight my worthy accomplishments and turned my resume into a personal, yet professional one. I'm pretty sure such a wonderful and a professionally written resume would stand out from rest of the applicant pool. Suba is very warm to work with and she is a thorough professional. A very commendable work in all."

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

Suba is a target oriented professional with tremendous dedication and energy. Her passion for work is commendable and insight on client engagement and delivery quality deserve appreciation. I endorse her work saying I am one among the lot who got benefited by her resume writing service. All the best Suba for your future endeavor.

Sudharsan Pattabiraman

"Branding Building Session was really good which actually helped in setup a 'goal' and I will improve my positive attitude"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Thank you very much for the session. If each individual improves little bit, there will be a huge impact to the organization & society. I have my own take away"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Thank you Suba Mam for giving such a motivational & inspirational speech which will definitely help me in creating both personal and professional brand"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Dear Ma'am, you inspired me a lot, I will definitely do things you taught. I will improve myself to be like you"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"I feel great to be the part of your meeting. I learnt so many new things"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

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