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Soft Skill Training For Corporate/Business

What is softskill training?

Softskill is the amalgamation of key people skills, we would rather define it as 'lifeskill'. From top level think tanks to bottom line employees, everyone faces challenges managing people, self, time, change, emotions at the personal and professional front.


Why is it so hard to interact, communicate and be in hormony with the fellow human beings?

Why do professionals need to undergo training to enhance such skills?


The interaction among human beings is not merely the exchange of words, rather lot of emotions, feelings, hidden meanings, goals, values, objectives and many more. Understanding self, commonly branded under, 'self-awareness' and understanding others appropriately makes the interaction valuable, worth spending the precious time and results in creating win-win situation. 


Improved softskill is utmost important to survive, sustain and succeed in the personal as well work environment. SLN Brand Studio comes with unique packages and offerings that are customized based on various requirements. 


Softskill Training Design & Architecture

The content & softskill training architecture is developed after a well thought process and interaction with Individuals, professionals, business heads and Entrepreneurs. We understood the requirments of varied Individuals, knowledge levels, requirement levels and desinged the program which can be customized based on audience. We have a solution to mitigate all the gaps identified to improve numerous softskills of individuals.

Reach out to us NOW to learn more on this.

Achieving Success Through Effective Goal Setting Workshop

Self-analysis often make us wonder about ourselves, isn’t it? Unconsciously or unknowingly, we surprise ourselves, reach greater heights and achieve higher things. At other times, we make a few attempts then abandon our efforts before even realizing any Key Take Away.

How is it that sometimes we push our self to reach our goals, yet at other times get derailed?

Not understanding the effectiveness of goal setting processes and implementation can create such unbalanced life. We come up with customized solution to mitigate such problems through our workshop on ‘Effective Goal Setting’.

Key Take Away

  • Realize the Importance of Goal Setting
  • Develop SMART goals for personal and professional growth
  • Identify Life skills to reach that goal
  • Identify Weaknesses and ways to convert them into Strengths
  • Identify potential Interfering factors
  • Identify Objectives
  • Develop processes to meet the objectives
  • Long term Goals & Milestones Setting
  • Medium Term Goals & Intermediate Processes
  • Short term Goals & Mini processes 
  • High performance Team and deliver results
  • Build employee engagement to ensure positive outcomes
  • Enhanced Creative Thinking and Innovative Approaches

Professional/Work Place Communication Skill Training

If you’re looking to enhance your communication skills—from improving your interpersonal and presentation skills to perfecting your professional writing techniques, you are in the perfect place.

We have personalized our training modules to suit with the current, cross cultural and global work scenarios and always update based on Industry/Global changes and requirements.

Key Take Away

  • Master the keys to excellent communication
  • Active and Enhanced Listening 
  • Effective Reading
  • Effective Oral Communication among Peers, Co-workers, Global Clients
  • Cultural Differences - Understanding and applying during communication
  • Written Communication - Email Etiquette, Business Documents 
  • Work place Communication Etiquette
  • Effective Presentation skill tips

Interpersonal Skills Training Program

Interpersonal skills are highly significant to sustain and succeed in personal and professional life.

Those with strong interpersonal skills make an efficient Individual Contributor and excel in Group/Team Environment as well. We aim at enhancing your interpersonal skill that can be applied efficaciously among peers, with your managers, client and global audience.

Key Take Away

  • One on one communication/interaction with peers, managers to achieve strategic objectives
  • Learn effective Group Meetings/settings
  • Improve Assertion Skill
  • Develop Team Skills
  • Develop Negotiation Skill
  • Develop Conflict Resolution Skill
  • Develop Non Judgmental Behavior
  • Communicate emotional state appropriately
  • Feedback Communication and questioning skills
  • Communicating with diplomacy and tact and credibility
  • Increase Credibility Through Your Words and Actions
  • Public speaking mastery
  • Applying direct and indirect messages for more flexible communication
  • Completing an influential SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Profile
  • Improve Problem – Solving Skill
  • Acquire the Best Decision Making Skill

Change Management Training Program

Why is it easier for some people to navigate through life changes smoothly, whereas most of others struggle even if they miss watching a particular soap opera or evening Tea!

The level of acceptance to changes in life, career, people, processes makes a great difference in personal and professional growth.
Change Management for Corporate!

Key Take Away

  • Understand and develop an ability to accept change
  • Understand the variances involved in Change Management
  • Learn various approaches to resolve change
  • Implementing methodologies to change management
  • Monitor the changes 
  • Gain wisdom to understand the difference between the real ‘change’ and ‘the elements that you can really change’
  • Team bonding, high level motivation and healthy environment that leads to revenue and business growth
What kind of impact can be created on corporate/business if the employees develop change management skills?

Change Management Skill Training for Managers

Change Management is one of the key issues the managers face in this dynamic Organizational environment. Whether it is adapting a new technology or drastic shift in organizational structure or goals our training course in change management can help the leaders to lead change in various levels of an organization.

Key Take Away
  • Motivation for Change-External or internal factors
  • Analyze the Change requirement
  • Successful Planning-Impact and integration of change
  • Implementation-Announce and Launch the change
  • Review and Monitoring the change
  • Adopt and Adjust

Problem Solving and Decision Making Skill Training

Problem solving and decision making always go hand in hand

Have you ever noticed that jumping to a conclusion can lead to unrepeatable mistakes? Or that the best-laid plans are failed due to the unexpected reasons? It is only a planned and informed decisions that can protect against costly and irreparable mistakes. 

We have customized training suite to sharpen and tune your Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills.

Key Take Away

  • Analyze problems and initiate decisions
  • Clarity in processes and to increase understanding 
  • Innovative process for problem solving
  • "Gathering of minds" to initiate decision making
  • Involve Generational Range
  • Agree Disagreeably 
  • Clarity in communicating the planned problem solving and inform decision

Conflict Management Skill Training

“Conflict is the beginning of Consciousness,” says American Jungian Psychoanalyst, M. Esther Harding.

Conflicts! Can we imagine or lead a life without any conflict? Self-awareness will lead to an ability coping with conflicts.

“Self-consciousness is no longer means anything but reflection on the EGO as embarrassment, as realization of Impotence: knowing that one is nothing,” beautifully said by Theodor Adorno, a philosopher from Germany.

Can conflicts be avoided? How does one cope with the ever increasing conflicts? Do we really learn to manage conflicts?

Key Take Away

  • Address conflict and change 
  • Select your conflict-resolution style 
  • Plan to resolve conflicts assertively 
  • Resolving conflicts with work relationship as priority 
  • Executing a conflict-resolution plan

Powerful Presentation Skill Training

Why should one attend the "Powerful Presentation Skills Training?

To excel in staff meetings, present your ideas in front of upper management, Speak at conferences, Conduct new hire orientation/induction, Speak at networking events, Present to prospective clients and to mitigate the Fear of public speaking.

Key Take Away

  • Greater confidence 
  • Mitigate fear of speaking 
  • To begin and end presentations appropriately
  • Remarkably communicating the proposals with passion 
  • Become an expert at planning, implementing and executing a presentation
  • Display confidence through masterful body language
  • Accomplish desired outcome by engaging the audience

Time Management Skill Training

An ability to manage your time well will lead to avoid stress and further enhances the productivity. Enhanced productivity leads to efficiently managing the tasks, resulting in organizational satisfaction and growth. As a cycle, the improved organizational growth reflects in personal and professional growth of an individual.

Key Take Away
  • Configure, organize and plan your tasks
  • Prioritize work assignments
  • Schedule time for deadlines
  • Avoid delay in action
  • Set realistic Goals
  • Delegate effectively to the right employee
  • Identify time idlers and engage them effectively
  • Analyze time patterns to organize the day

Business Writing Skill Workshop

Writing skills are essential method of communication within any business, so investing time to get trained in appropriate business writing skills can help in increasing productivity.

Key Take Away
  • Accomplish business communication skills 
  • Know your readers and objectives
  • Organize and Maximum clarity
  • Effective email etiquette
  • Maximum output and impact
  • Grammatical Corrections and prepare blue print

HR Induction

Below are some of the strategies used for bringing excitement for the new joiners in induction program.
  • Introduction Videos
  • Explore and Learn
  • Scenario based Learning
  • Tabular format of all perks and Key Take Away

Learn about our Training & workshops on Brand Management,  People & Emotional Management and more for Entrepreneurs/ Individuals/ Professionals/Businesses.


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Our vision
SLN Brand Studio Continuous learning is the writer's strength. Periodic references to the research papers, material,s expert advice through network from organizations/industries to gather the latest updates and career related. Continuous learning is the writer's strength. Periodic references to the research papers, material,s expert advice through network from organizations/industries to gather the latest updates and career related.
Our Mission

SLN Brand Studio Continuous learning is the writer's strength. Periodic references to the research papers, material,s expert advice through network from organizations/industries to gather the latest updates and career related. Continuous learning is the writer's strength. Periodic references to the research papers, material,s expert advice through network from organizations/industries to gather the latest updates and career related.

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“Quality Content, Commitment and Cost effective. Suba has been adding value to our brand through her writing. Business acumen deserves appreciation. She has never compromised on quality delivery of content nor missed a deadline. Definitely cost effective. We highly recommend SLN Brand Studio, if anyone has content needs to build brand value to their business.”

Mr. Manoj Agarwal

Managing Director, Agarwal Estates, Bangalore

"Suba spruced up my resume to a professionally polished version. This is probably one of my best investments in my hunt for a job. She knew how to highlight my worthy accomplishments and turned my resume into a personal, yet professional one. I'm pretty sure such a wonderful and a professionally written resume would stand out from rest of the applicant pool. Suba is very warm to work with and she is a thorough professional. A very commendable work in all."

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

Suba is a target oriented professional with tremendous dedication and energy. Her passion for work is commendable and insight on client engagement and delivery quality deserve appreciation. I endorse her work saying I am one among the lot who got benefited by her resume writing service. All the best Suba for your future endeavor.

Sudharsan Pattabiraman

"Branding Building Session was really good which actually helped in setup a 'goal' and I will improve my positive attitude"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Thank you very much for the session. If each individual improves little bit, there will be a huge impact to the organization & society. I have my own take away"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Thank you Suba Mam for giving such a motivational & inspirational speech which will definitely help me in creating both personal and professional brand"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"Dear Ma'am, you inspired me a lot, I will definitely do things you taught. I will improve myself to be like you"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

"I feel great to be the part of your meeting. I learnt so many new things"

Employee, Delight Hr Pvt Ltd

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