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What is Personal Branding? How to Measure Personal Branding Quotient? Find out by answering these simple questions

Are you getting the RIGHT RECOGNITION at your workplace?
Do you have better clarity on your Next BIG Career Move?
Do you establish your COMPLETE POTENTIAL in your role?
Are you known as an 'EXPERT' in your Social Media Circle?
Do you ACHIEVE THE RESULTS as you wish?

'YES' to all the questions - CONGRATULATIONS, your Personal Branding Quotient is really high.
NO' to even a single question, - You must FOCUS on Professional Reputation Management.

Yes! Time to Execute an Awesome Career Growth Strategy Roadmap!

Suba Lakshminarasimhan, Your Personal Branding Strategist

Suba is a renowned Personal Branding Strategist who elevates the career growth of Corporate Professionals, Technology Enthusiasts, Independent Consultants, Individual Contributors, and Women with a Career Break and Students.

A keen learner, Suba has established her grounds by presenting research papers in international conferences on her Personal Branding Coaching programs. She helps professionals to crack the success formula to become an Influenzer and leverage the network for sustainable growth.

Suba plays different roles as a Mentor, Keynote Speaker & Esteemed member in Various Prestigious Forums such as Jobsforher, The Star in me, Lean in A2I circle, ICT Academy and L&D Global Bangalore Chapter.

SLN Brand Studio

“Suba Lakshminarasimhan is an embodiment of modern meeting traditional half-way. Her thought process and approach is deep-rooted in priceless culture but her constructs and outcomes are definitely modern. This unique blend puts Suba in a position to easily balance the external demands and internal constraints of her clients and deliver value when it comes to personal branding. She is adept at showcasing strengths through a unique content architecture and her ability to connect with people with ease is amazing”

Martin A, Author,

Sales Coach & Trainer

“Suba shares her wisdom on personal branding, making a winning formula to the community. Having attended her session, I found it to be extremely valuable, unique, intuitive and long-term oriented.”

Venkat Kumaresan,

Assistant Vice President, Strategic Support, Exela Technologies
SLN Brand Studio

“When you are sitting with Suba, you won’t even realize that you are with a powerhouse of knowledge. Our in-house personal branding expert, most active person of our community with a golden heart”

Neha Agarwal

Lead, LeanIn A2I

I was working in an organization after 3 years of career break. As I started working on my long term career goals, realized a need for a change in job. But, I was skeptical whether to take that plunge or sit comfortably in a safe place. That was the time I realized that I needed an expert to put the pieces together. That’s when I came across Suba’s profile. An hour conversation made me realize that I must move on as sitting in the comfort zone neither do me a favour nor any justice to the organization I worked for. Suba understood and also helped identifying and defining all my capabilities. I took 2 weeks to answer the questionnaire which actually drilled down my experiences and skills, which made me to get prepared for my interviews with confidence. I got an offer in a month in a top MNC”

Vaiyshnavi K

SLN Brand Studio

“I was planning to restart after a very long hiatus as a teacher, approached Suba for career counselling. The sessions were very personalized and it was more like a chat with a friend. The best is her undisputed understanding of personal branding, which she actively assisted me in, as I had no idea about these things. To conclude I will sum it up in three points....first she gives more than her hundred percent to her clients, thus creating lifetime relationships...... second her knowledge and insight on personal branding is very much a need of the hour..... Third, most important is her clarity of thought, enlightens your future path, in whatever you choose to do!”

Amita Parwal

a Soft Skill Trainer
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We are Unique! We Support You to Stand Unique!

We bring in tremendous experience elevating Individual Career Growth and enhancing Employer Branding by building a Personal Brand!
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" Personal Branding is all about creating AUTHENTICITY , making the MINDFUL DECISIONS and achieving SUSTAINABLE GROWTH " – Suba Lakshminarasimhan

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SPBQ – Personal Branding Quotient Program

SPBQ – Personal Branding Quotient Program is a high value program for the Corporate Employees who want to elevate to Mid-Level Managerial positions, Executive Leadership roles, Senior Executive & C-Suite aspirants.

  • Identify your Values
  • Articulate your Vision
  • Market your authentic Leadership Style
  • Become Recognisable in the Industry
  • Consistently Grow by being a Life Long Learner

SPBQ empowers you to achieve the destination - ‘what do you want to be known for?’



SEBQ – SLNs Employer Branding Quotient program

SEBQ – SLNs Employer Branding Quotient program to enhance Employer Branding by elevating Employees’ Personal Brand Equity. What happens when Corporate help its employees to build a Personal Brand?

  • Build Organizational Brand Ambassadors
  • Create Change Catalysts
  • Elevate 21st Century skills
  • Master The Art of all Core Employability Skills
  • Much more…….

Do you know SEBQ can be a part of your Women Returnee Program & Inclusion Sensitization Program?

Call Suba NOW!


SVEP – Vision Execution Program

SVEP – Vision Execution Program focuses on the critical trajectory of the Students in colleges who are going to be the Lets’ create Linchpins in this VUCA world.

Starting from the first year, the strategy roadmap execution make each student ready to face the Job Market and Business world.

What happens when your students embrace SVEP program?

  • Build Pursuasion, Entreprenerual Mindset, Socially & Emotionally Intelligent and Problem Solvers
  • Corporate Ready Programs to build Resume Building, Corporate Grooming, Aptitude and Interview Skill
  • Much more….

Call Suba NOW!

SVEP makes the placement process easier for you, the Educational Institutes, Engineering Colleges and B-Schools!


SWCP – Women Contentment Program

SWCP – Women Contentment Program to elevate the Lives, Career Choices and Leadership Abilities of women with a Career Break. Suba has changed the lives & career choices of 1000s women after launching SWCP in 2015.

SWCP focuses on

  • Unlock the Potential
  • Re-identifying the Identity
  • Mindful Growth Strategies
  • Rebuilding the Self-Esteem

If your aspiration is to join where you had left earlier or to start a new career path, you are at the right place.
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Corporates with Women Returnee Program, grab an opportunity to have our Expert engage and train your women returnees.
To know more, Call Suba NOW!

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